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of blue flat globe under ict disabled symbol and red arrow crossing
of blue flat globe under ict disabled symbol and red arrow crossing
After a series of discussions and exchanges of suggestions and counter opinions from both the core group and other members of the Accessibleweb Yahoo E-group, the Philippine Web Accessibility Group has approved the following recommendations in validating accessibility compliance of Philippine designed Web Sites.

The primary basis in defining these recommendations came from the “Manila Accessible ICT Design Recommendations” developed by the WorldEnable group.

WorldEnable is an Internet accessibility initiative in support of the international goals of equalizing opportunities for, by, and with persons with disabilities. Their actions are under the United Nations’ programme of “International Convention to Promote and Protect the Rights of Persons with Disabilities“. Visit the WorldEnable official site at

The UN funded Interregional Seminar and Regional Demonstration Workshop on Accessible Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) and Persons with Disabilities was held in Manila, Philippines from March 3-7, 2003. It was represented by delegates from the countries of Bangladesh, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Canada, Indonesia, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Myanmar, Pakistan, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and the United States of America. From this event, “The Manila Declaration on Accessible Information and Communications Technologies (ICT)” was agreed upon. PWAG was borne out of this activity.

This is only a partial and incomplete list. Although web accessibility initiatives have been around since late 1990s under the World Wide Web Consortium, it’s still a work in progress. Therefore, further discussions and deliberations from within the group is necessary in order to improve the technology.

The following PWAG Official Recommended Standards are as follows:

Comparisons between PWAG’s WDAR and International Web Accessibility Standards are as follows:

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