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Web Accessibility Groups NOT Sharing their Best Practices with Designers? – Shared by Jojo Esposa Jr.

Jojo Esposa’s Shared Query

>I got this from the GAWDS main web site and from the e-group.

>After knowing that roughly three of top 100 web sites of every country

>are accessible to persons with disabilities, the British Broadcasting 

>Company (BBC) through Mr. Mark Gristock is now accusing,

>"Accessibility consultants and organisations for the disabled

>clutch their knowledge of user requirements to them like they are the

>key to future profits - which indeed they are. "

>"If they had any interest in raising standards, they would be

>sharing their findings with the world and opening dialogue with the

>design and business community about how best to integrate techniques

>with standard processes."

>Visit this site for complete details:


>Wow! I hope PWAG will not be accused of this now or even in the near

>future. We are here to promote, share and educate people about the

>benefits of web accessibility while aiming to raise the standard of

>Philippine designed web sites.

Mel Pedley’s Response

>Total rubbish!

>I think this person, who is part of a company (Foviance) that carried

>out usability testing on some of the sites that were probably tested and

>failed, is currently feeling more than a little threatened by such a

>damaging report and is looking for somewhere - anywhere - to place the


>I was particularly interested to note that Foviance are not members of

>GAWDS, so it would appear that, not only does the company not practice

>what it preaches, it fails to avail itself of the free and open

>accessible web design dialogues that *are* available.

Lemuel Cabia’s Response

>Very nice point Mel.

>to all,

>I might be guessing that this would also be the case of the group *if*

>CICT-NCC and NCWDP to which PWAG is under its support banner and advocacy,

>cannot comply with even the minimum levels of accessibility for their

>web sites (as soon as possible). -- not mentioning of so many

>*reasons* that may arise. but... typically, whatever the reason is not

>the issue, yet it is the timely and fair access to information and

>services - how they (users) want it, where they want it, and when they

>want it!

>Like the foviance (usability firm na 'yan ha?!), to mention mel's

>comment again -- "it would appear that, not only they (foviance) not

>practice what it preaches, it fails to avail itself of the free and

>open accessible web design dialogues (and even guidelines) that are

>already available."

>di kaya huli na kung sasabihin pa nila na..."papunta na kami dyan". eh

>na-accuse na sila...

>so sa part natin, ano pang hinihintay natin? pasulong tayo, we are not

>procrastinating because of so many (logical?) reasons.

Abner Manlapaz’ Response

>Thank you Jojo for sharing your thought about this matter... 

>I hope this group will be known as the pioneers here in the Philippines 

>who promoted the web accessibility and sharing your skills and knowledge 

>to benefit all...

Rey Mendoza’s Response

>Sing with me.....

>"wag kang bibitiw bigla...."

>Kidding aside, we the core group are from mostly private institutions 

>and most of the time and money we spend are form our own 

>(that's why it's called advocacy) and what we expect from the government 

>is just support to attain the missions and goals of this group. 

>Accessibility is just starting to gain ground here. It may be a long journey, 

>but a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

>I'm really surprised that we still dont have any line-up of things to 

>do for the government, we already made known our intentions to help them. 

>Sorry to be blunt about it, but I was expecting to participate in 

>e-accessibility day and we did not get any news about how can we help. 

Sonny Villafania’s Response

>Yup, same here. I was waiting actually for an invitation last Dec. 4,

>2006. I guess I am hooked already on this accessibility thing. I've 4

>more sites to update or redesign.

>I do hope that that interesting meeting/seminar at the NCWDP will not

>be the last.

Nelia De Jesus’ Response

>It will not be the last Sonny, rest assured. Quiet kami but count 

>on us, ok? Lani of NCC is helping us with our site before uploading it, 

>then we shall ask all your help to enhance patient pls!

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